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Pictured; Psychedelic architecture bridge (1722)

Southern England, Gloucestershire ,A.S.H.Ansfield (1690-1773)born Manchaster N.England Mr. Ansfield was educated at The Psychedelic School,Oxford,where he took his undergraduate degree in Psychedelic Engineering.He continued his studies at the Advanced School in Psychedelic Studies (M.P.S.),where he studied under L.A.P. Hawtrey. Mr. Hawtrey,the author of Psychedelic Problems as Defined in the Modern Era(1750,Cambridge) and The Psychedelic Life of the Common Man and the Early French Enlightenment(1755 Oxford)

Friday, April 11, 2014

pp 219-214 A Few Ideas About A psychedelic Heaven by S.J. Watts (Simple Press) 1921

pp 131-153 (Ibid)

pp 97-111 Interview with Author; "'s interesting to note,that..."

pp-81-85 The History of Psychedelic Architecture in the Urban Setting by H.S. Moss(Oxford) 1921

"I forgot that..." Journals and Papers;The Recording Secretary-1817-1864 Vol 2

When I entered the building..."Nebulae,Galaxies and Starship Troopers,Psychedelic Architecture in the Space Age(Putnam) L.P.H. Frugutt(1893-1947)

pp33:"The garden opened up..."Major Psychedelic Gardens of Southwest England,Vol. 1 Lord Andrew Tew (The Garden Press) 1867

Pictured:a late period example of a psychedelic country house,formerly the seat of Major P.H.Marbury and Lady Ashburton

The house,now part of the Psychedelic Trust.The house is a combination of periods;the middle late early period,the middle late early early period,and the middle,middle,late period.See;Croft's A Survey of English Middle Psychedelic Architecture (Oxford) 1927

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chapter 1

Changes In Latitudes:Descriptions of the Women in Late Middle(1211-1462)Ages in Psychedelic Architecture (Cambridge) 1956

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footnotes from psychedelic bauhaus country house

Bauhaus and Hazard Chase the Line,the role of Pink,Green,Yellow Orange,Blue,Red,in Early Psychedelic Balhaus Design,byL.S.Andrews,1922 (Yale)

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chapter 1

Psychedelic Architecture and the New Woman,1911-1932 by T.H.A. Trew (Oxford) 1939 

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from a drawing of a psychedelic architect's woman's prison-1

pp 10-17 Creeps,Slo-Mo,and the Dawn of the Role of Women in Early Psychedelic Times,from 13BC to 46AD,(Chicago) 1956 by Arlington G. Benson

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from a drawing of a example of psychedelic Bauhaus architecture

Chapter 1 1 Bauhaus,Architecture and the Psychedelic Movement, Problems and Solutions (Harvard) by H.F.A. Lybrook 1879